Full Figured Issues.

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I say if the first compliment you got was cute, wait til you get around the corner to some one who sees you as beautiful


eyheidy said: your blog <3

<3 thank you.

Anonymous said: some of these are highly negative. actually most are. i know people really feel this way - but you should also be trying to support them, and make them feel better about themselves. IM CURVY. AND IM BEAUTIFUL. I refuse to let what other people may think affect me. and neither should any of your followers.

Comprehension. The word “problem” usually directly relates to negative things, I would think that would be clear. It’s a “problems” blog, obviously. And as was stated in the sidebar: 

This blog will more than likely represent different views from different full-figured girls. It shouldn’t have to be said, but if a problem doesn’t apply to you, you’re not being forced to reblog it.

MEANING, you are not being forced to agree. Is there something here that says “you HAVE to feel this way if you’re this size”? No. This is for girls/women to know they’re not alone in how they feel, and that there are others that can relate to them. A tip was submitted for the followers of this blog, and it was passed along to the others to help them out. So I would say there’s support and help going on. Please read and comprehend correctly before sending messages such as these. Thank you. :)

Anonymous said: How many followers do you have and how did you get them?

58. And I got them the same way everyone else gets theirs…

Anonymous said: This is regarding number 18. Since I’m on a budget and can’t always afford to shell out the cash at Torrid (I’m not really a fan of Lane Bryant) so I try to shop at Ross, Old Navy and Marshalls instead.

sharing this with everyone else.

TJ Maxx is pretty good, too.

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